Scott Anderle

Hometown: Nashville, TN

Pets: None

Hobbies: I love experiences - which may be why customer service is such a strong value to me. I am a fan of all music and support artists by going to concerts. I love bands like NeedToBreathe, Ed Sheeran, Bring Me The Horizon, The Band Camino and Colony House. I love the cinematic experience that the movie theater has to offer with spectacle films. I'm slowly making a movie theater room in our house.

Strengths: Positivity, Achiever, Responsibility, Focus, Arranger.

Favorite Life Hack: Studios buy out theaters and give away free tickets to see blockbuster movies before they come out to get reviews and word of mouth out! This was a trick my wife and I learned while were figuring out how to still have fun while working on a budget to get debt free. We still use this site because it's fun to watch a movie for free, before it comes out in a room full of the movie loving energy.

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