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Credit Union Culture 

Workplace culture is an important driver of employee performance. A positive culture that fosters collaboration and teamwork tends to promote productivity, engagement and a better employee experience. Conversely, a negative or hostile environment causes employees to disconnect from their jobs, leading to dissatisfaction and higher turnover rates. 

At ServiStar Consulting, we know how to drive culture change in credit unions and have the training, knowledge, and resources to create a better, more productive environment for your workforce.
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What Is Credit Union Culture? 

A credit union exists to serve the financial needs of its members, so a service-oriented business approach is key. Establishing a positive work culture is vital for fulfilling this mission. 

As with organizations in any industry, the tone starts at the top. The CEO and other members of the executive team can begin to transform the work environment by examining their hiring practices. A thoughtful process can ensure they're onboarding people with the appropriate mindset to get to know the members and respond to their needs. 

The management team can also create a happier, healthier culture by investing in the well-being of every employee. This process can include reassessing workers' job functions to find ways to ease workplace stress and prevent burnout.  

The Benefits of Improving Your Credit Union's Culture 

It's possible to improve the culture in virtually any credit union. While the process can be challenging, the resulting benefits make it worth the effort:

We Know How to Drive Cultural Change in Credit Unions 

At ServiStar Consulting, we're experts at helping credit unions like yours create a work culture that is responsive to members' needs and aligned with strategic objectives. We'll collaborate with you to develop and implement custom solutions that deliver positive long-term results.

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