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ServiStar Consulting aims to help credit unions shape their culture around service and sales. We offer credit union sales and service training services designed by industry experts and customized based on your needs.

We serve credit unions exclusively. Our team is made up of practitioners with years of industry experience. Our services follow a member-centric model built according to your needs. We start from the ground up with each client, which allows us to identify unique concerns and develop solutions that address them.

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Results Based on Expertise

What ServiStar Consulting Can Do For Your Credit Union

Member Experience Builder

Consumers today have options for their money. Credit unions need to provide the best possible member experience to reduce attrition and attract new members. ServiStar Consulting's Member Experience Builder helps transform your organization's culture to grow your membership and improve your revenue.

Our fully customizable Member Experience Builder provides your team with tools to help you develop service standards, improve team management and leadership and develop an engaged team. When your team is engaged and excited about their work, they're more likely to provide superior service to current and prospective members, increasing your retention rates.

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Selling Solutions

During uncertain times, your credit union members want to feel confident that their money is secure. They need financial guidance but don't want to feel as if they're being sold to. Our Selling Solutions training program teaches your team to recognize members' needs and provide solutions without coming on too strong. 

With our credit union training resources, your member-facing team can recognize each member's needs and present them with a fitting solution. Our fully customizable Selling Solutions program takes a values-and mission-based approach to produce long-lasting results and growth.

Management Development

We've performed extensive research to identify the leadership skills of top-performing credit union managers. Our management development programs teach current and aspiring leaders how to improve performance, increase employee engagement, provide better member service and promote growth. 

These training programs are available in several formats, including online, in-person and hybrid. With our customized management development solution, your credit union can provide better member service, reach its organizational goals and have happier, more productive leaders and team members.

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Online Learning Library

Our Online Learning Library is self-paced and interactive. It covers topics including service skills, sales and management development. Your team can review the resources and training videos on their own schedule. Quizzes throughout the training modules help verify that the information is sinking in.

Our Online Learning Library can help your team improve their customer service skills, leading to higher member retention and increased revenue for your credit union.

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Business Development

Our business development solutions teach your leadership team how to enhance member relationships, improve organizational culture and promote products that meet member needs. Business development helps your credit union drive growth by increasing member retention and empowering your leadership.  

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Emotional Intelligence

Emotionally intelligent leaders know how to respond to other people's feelings and needs. With emotional intelligence (EQ), your management team is better equipped to respond to the needs of your staff and credit union members. Our solutions help expand the EQ of your management team, leading to higher retention rates and happier employees. 

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"We saw an immediate and dramatic bump in loan volume. We're having a record quarter for loan volume. I feel like the staff is finally engaging members, not because we ask them to, but because they're seeing the difference they're making in our members lives and they want to engage."

Michael Scott
Arize FCU

"I always gain value from every ServiStar training. I am a huge supporter of the program and continue to be a champion of all of the learnings from various programs. The messages shared are always relevant and timely and I look forward to integrating them even further into our organization."

Director, Member Experience and Insights
Kindred Credit Union (Canada)

"Our Financial Wellness Advisors have met their member sales goals the last two months! We attribute much of this success to your program! Thanks for taking us through the program and giving us the tools to be a success!"

Tim Hickey
VP of Operations

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