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Member Experience Builder

Ready to develop your organization’s culture? We’re on it! We’ll provide you with all the tools you need to ensure your employees develop lasting needs-based selling behaviors and performance. Fully customizable, our comprehensive and scalable suite of tools will maximize employee engagement, member experience, and credit union profitability.

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Selling Solutions

Are your employees fabulous order takers? Time to make the shift from simply filling member requests to member-centric, needs-based selling! We’ll show you how to build a frontline staff of engaged advocates who consistently and effectively offer products and services to enhance the financial lives of your members and improve credit union profitability.

Management Development

Looking for low-cost credit union-specific management training? Search no further. Through our extensive academic-level research, we know exactly which key skills are common among the highest performing credit union managers (and we bet some of them will surprise you). We designed a program to teach your current and future leaders how to improve management performance, employee engagement, member service, and profitability. And because we know that one size does not fit all, we have several ways to deliver this training to your staff.

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Online Learning Library

Our claim to fame is that we have the only credit union-specific learning management system covering topics from sales and service skills to management development. There is no need to break the budget either because this self-paced, interactive training system is affordable and will save you time spent traveling to training. And just to make sure that all those new skills and knowledge have sunk in, we measure them with quizzes and post-course exams.

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Business Development

Are you in need of skilled business development leaders to grow your credit union’s membership? It’s not enough to simply run a few ads and cross-sell to your existing members. Active outreach is needed for credit unions to grow at the pace necessary to be profitable. We will teach your managers how to grow profitable households, deepen member relationships and be effective in business development.

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Emotional Intelligence

How emotionally intelligent are your leaders? The ability to understand, interpret, and respond to the emotions of others is super essential. Without it, your managers might not pick up on when their employee is angry, or a co-worker is sad resulting in ineffective leadership and a team that just doesn’t vibe. With our program, we’ll help you develop and improve your team’s emotional intelligence. And that would make us happy.

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