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Woman in a credit union leadership training.

Management Development

Credit Union Management Training & Development

According to Gallup, a company's leadership influences about 70% of a team's overall engagement. That statistic underscores the importance of promoting effective managers and empowering them to motivate and develop their teams.

Credit union management training from ServiStar Consulting is the answer. Our management development training programs enable institutions to give their leaders solid, practical skills for achieving these goals. After completing our workshops, managers have the confidence and know-how to optimize their time and coach and leverage their team's talents. For directors and above who strive to be successful credit union CEOs, we also offer a live workshop crafted by our experts to help you chart your path to CEO.
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Why Is Management Development Training Important?

Well-developed leadership is crucial to fostering organizational success and preparing businesses for future growth. When leaders have the right tools and skills, they're better able to:

Our Management Development Training Features

ServiStar Consulting offers custom delivery of your management development training programs, including hybrid, virtual and in-person workshops. Our comprehensive credit union leadership training features two modules to create your tailored development solution, and both offer ongoing ServiStar Consulting support.


Vertex offers in-depth knowledge for those in existing leadership positions. Our experts cover:

Emerging Leaders

These workshops are ideal for those new to management or for proactively preparing future managers. Our industry experts offer guidance for:
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Benefits of Management Development Training

Our training is specific to credit unions and developed with the help of academic research and best practices. ServiStar Consulting programs deliver your institution advantages like:

Trust ServiStar Consulting for Credit Union Leadership Training

Our team includes current and former credit union leadership professionals with firsthand experience and expertise. That uniquely qualifies us to deliver relevant, high-quality training for all credit union managers, ranging from branch managers to support managers and beyond. With proper training, you can proactively create effective leadership.

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