Sales and Service Culture Solutions to Grow Your Credit Union

At ServiStar Consulting, we understand that each credit union has its own unique needs. That’s why our services are tailored specifically to your credit union, as we help you secure long-lasting and profitable relationships with your members and grow your business.

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Designed exclusively for credit unions, ServiStar Consulting offers a program that develops a member-centric team of employees that exceed member expectations and grow profitable relationships.

Our program offers two versions to meet your credit union’s strategy needs— ServiStar Member Experience Builder and ServiStar Selling Solutions.

Increase Employee Profitability

We provide systems, training, and consulting to help you equip each of your employees in every part of your credit union. From new employees to top leaders, we will help you create a highly effective team whose competitive advantage is outstanding Member Experience.

Refine Your Company Vision

In order to be a successful credit union, you & your team need a vision that keeps you focused on the ultimate goal: profitable relationships with your members & company growth. We help you refine your vision based on years of experience in the credit union industry.

Enhance & Implement Strategy

In addition to a clear vision, you have to know how to practically work toward your ultimate goal. That’s why we help you clearly define your company strategy & coach your team to effectively implement it.

Optimize Systems & Procedures

Efficient systems & procedures lead to highly effective and profitable companies. Our consulting services provide you with tools and expertise to develop systems that are specifically customized for your credit union.

Execute Your Projects Effectively

One of the most valuable facets of our services is that we continue to work with you as you execute the projects we’ve helped you plan. We work as an extension of your team so that your success is our success.

Measure Your Results & Improve

We help you constantly move forward toward greater efficiency & profitability by offering customized measurement tools and systems. Measurement is the key to growth, and proper tools will allow you to always identify your areas for improvement.

Which ServiStar Program is Right for You?

We offer two versions of our ServiStar program to meet your credit union’s strategy needs—ServiStar Member Experience Builder and ServiStar Selling Solutions.

  • ServiStar Member Experience Builder is an 18 to 24-month program geared toward developing organizational culture, providing all the tools to ensure lasting needs-based selling behavior and performance. Its comprehensive, customizable and scalable suite of tools maximizes employee engagement, member experience, and credit union profitability.
  • ServiStar Selling Solutions is a 10-month program designed to begin the shift from order taking to need-based, member-centric selling. Start to build a frontline staff of engaged advocates who consistently and effectively offer products and services to enhance the financial life of your members, and improve credit union profitability.
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Did you know…

70% of employee engagement is directly tied to management competency

50% of employees have left a job because of ineffective management

71% of employees say they are disengaged in their work

Vertex Management Development Program is a low-cost, research-based, credit union-specific management training program.

From our academic level research sponsored by The Filene Research Institute, we identified the key skills common among the highest performing credit union managers and used this information to design Vertex.

Your participants will learn how to deploy skills that will immediately improve management performance, employee engagement, member service, and profitability. Using Vertex, you will see immediate improvements in management performance.

We offer two versions of our Vertex Management Development Program, each with its own features and benefits:

Vertex Live Nationwide and Vertex

Dunn & Bradstreet research

Both Vertex programs cover these important topics:

  • The Key Attributes and Skills of Highly Effective Managers
  • Delegation
  • Team Building
  • Performance Coaching
  • Employee Motivation
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Leadership
  • Employee Accountability
  • Time Management
  • Handling Difficult Conversations

Vertex Live Nationwide

If your credit union wants to take advantage of our studio-quality live streaming production, or you are an individual manager looking to grow, or you are an emerging manager looking to prepare for success, you will love Vertex Live Nationwide.  

  • Presented over an interactive live stream from our studio (which means no travel is needed!)
  • Eight 3-hour online sessions spread out over four months
  • Smaller class size to promote interaction and learning (these sessions are limited to 25 students per program)
  • Interactive group work and individual networking allows participants to connect with and pose questions to peers and instructors
  • Assessments to validate learning and promote engagement
  • Access to our Vertex Learning Library computer-based training courses for one year for refresher training

Check out the schedule for 2021 and then register to secure your spot


If your credit union prefers live training on-site, then Vertex is right for you. Our trainers will travel to your credit union or training facility to present the program content in person.

  • Three-day workshop presented live at your credit union for groups of 12 or more (can also be taught via live stream)
  • Flexibility in scheduling and customization of material available
  • Interactive group work and individual networking allows participants to network with and pose questions to peers and instructors
  • Learning assessments to validate learning and promote engagement
  • Access to our Vertex Learning Library computer-based training courses for one year for refresher training

No matter which Vertex Management Development program you choose, benefits include reduced turnover, enhanced earnings through improved performance, rapid improvement, cost-effective and convenient. To learn more, complete the Interest Form below and we will contact you.

Custom research and surveys for your credit union Studies by The Business Research Lab reveal that the #1 cause of employee disengagement is poor communication between departments. Our Internal Service Survey (ISS) resolves these challenges and more by measuring the internal customer experience at virtually every touch point. We don’t just stop at capturing the information, we provide training and guidance that will allow you to develop and manage effective internal service action plans to ensure improvement.

Improve Internal Service

Outstanding internal service leads to greater productivity, increased employee engagement, and improved Member Experience. Our services will help you improve all facets of internal service, leading to productive communication, supportive etiquette, and efficient operations.

Identify Gaps & Measure Growth

Most organization struggle with how to assess internal service, and many third-party surveyors provide assessments that are too convoluted to coach from. Our years of experience & research allow us to accurately assess your team, offer coaching and tools for improvement, and measure your growth.

Accountability and Guidance

An executive-level reporting feature included in the ISS holds managers accountable in their duties of reviewing results and coaching to their employees. Built in coaching tools - including training videos and coaching forms - guide your Poor internal service leads to ineffective, incorrect, and inefficient communication. managers to effectively provide their employees with feedback to help them identify areas in which they need to improve and areas in which they excel.

Employee Engagement Measurement Tool

Included in the ISS is our Employee Engagement Survey that measures Employee Effort, Process Improvement and Employee Loyalty (through Net Promoter Scores). Collect valuable insight and feedback from your employees regarding how easy it is for them to do business with other departments, what improvements could be made to make them be more successful at their jobs, and how likely they would be to recommend your credit union as a good place to work.

Consulting & Active Support

Our Internal Service Survey is not just a packaged system, but includes customized consulting and active support to meet your unique needs. Whatever service gaps your team may have, we will help you identify & solve them so that you can continue to grow your business.

ServiStar Computer Based Training Course Menu

ServiStar Library 3.0 is the only credit union specific computer-based training on sales and service skills for all employees at every level of the credit union.  With this training, employees learn sales and service skills using our self-paced training system.  The credit union will save both time and money with this fully interactive and efficient training system.  Skill and knowledge transfer are ensured, as each participant will take a post-evaluation test with each training module.

ServiStar Library 3.0 offers training for every skill required to deliver an outstanding member experience.

ServiStar Library 3.0 is the best-in-class because each course:

Saves Time

  • No travel
  • Each session delivers the information in short modules

Makes it easy

  • No scheduling of meetings: you decide when to watch and learn
  • No “makeup” sessions to schedule
  • Short-staffed? Not a problem! Train one person at a time
  • Sign up employees at your convenience
  • Track employee progress and test scores

Saves Money

  • Only $28 per course!

Peace of Mind

  • Validating learning via post-module testing
  • Research-based skills training

Because it is so economical, your credit union can train every employee and manager in your credit union now, and then add it to your new employee onboarding procedure.

Take a look at our curriculum:

Service Excellence Workshop
Man taking ServiStar Computer Based Training Course and taking notes

For All Employees


Why outstanding service is important

Why outstanding internal service is vitally important

The “Moments of Truth Principle” of service

The 7 key skills and behaviors of service excellence

Missional Leadership Workshop

For Executives and Managers


How leading to mission develops employee engagement

The challenge of employee engagement

How increased engagement increases profitability

The 3 key leadership behaviors that create engagement

Coaching for Performance Workshop

For Executives, Managers, and Supervisors


Characteristics of effective coaches

How coaching is different than management

Key behaviors and actions of effective coaches

Why employees under-perform

How to identify why an employee is under-performing

How to coach unwilling behaviors

How to coach unable behaviors

How to coach high-performers

How to hold employees accountable for results and behaviors

How to effectively change employees from unwilling to willing performers

Becoming a Sales Champion Workshop

For employees who are in selling positions


How to identify product and service needs

How to ask effective questions

Benefit selling

Overcoming objections to products and services

How to ask for the member’s business

Effective follow-up techniques

Referral Sales Champions Workshop

For front-line employees who do not open accounts


How to quickly identify product and service needs

How to use the 10-Second Referral Process

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