by Mike Neill

The Credit Union Mission Inspires the Next Generation of New Hires

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“The credit union mission of ‘people helping people’ is more than simply words to me but a way of life. As a former credit union employee, my mother always taught me how credit unions are not-for–profit financial institutions committed to improving the financial lives of their members. She told me stories of migrant credit unions started by nuns, agricultural credit unions formed to meet the needs of small farmers, and credit unions created to provide financial services to members who live and serve overseas.

When we moved overseas, our credit union’s commitment to people helping people allowed us to serve the poor in Europe without having to worry about excessive fees, high-interest rates, or poor customer service. They helped us, so we could more easily help others.”
 – High School Senior


When I read this college scholarship application essay, it reminded me again of the importance of our credit union mission and how we must use it to engage the next generation of new hires.

Did you know that our research, performed at the request of the Filene Research Institute, shows that high performing credit union employees have more thinking in common with those who work at the Red Cross than those who work for a bank? They are engaged through purpose, more than goals.

Filene Research indicates high performers in credit unions are less:

  • Motivated by numbers
  • Motivated by winning
  • Motivated by competition

High performers in credit unions are more:

  • Motivated by serving
  • Motivated by recognition
  • Very secure in their belief system

The current generation of new hires have a significant desire for authenticity and the cooperative mindset. True success is based on providing value and receiving a return from it. This is great news! This is who we are, a financial cooperative that is “not for profit, not for charity, but for service.”

For more information on the importance of our credit union mission, click here to download my podcast on missional leadership.

“Go for it, gang! You know where to find me.”

-       Mike Neill

Michael Neill is the President and Founder of ServiStar, a company he started more than 20 years ago. When he isn’t traveling across North America to train credit union leaders, you can find him in the kitchen making his world-famous “Mikey Que” Sauce.