by Mike Neill

Stop trying to act like a bank - How to Build a Thriving Sales and Service Culture

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How to Build a Thriving Sales and Service Culture

“Stop offering me a car loan!” the elderly member mumbled as he walked out the credit union doors.

It’s car loan promotion month at the credit union and to meet sales goals, you must offer a car loan to every member, right? Wrong! You just need to offer it to the RIGHT members. Banks have a product-centric sales philosophy but that simply doesn’t work for our members. Building member trust, product penetration and profitability requires a member-centric sales and service culture.  

We know that often when “sales and service” is mentioned, your frontline staff usually sighs, “Not another random promotion.” Your managers might roll their eyes envisioning enforcing more sales goals. But what if a culture change didn’t involve pushing arbitrary products or implementing random employee sales goals? Can you now hear all the sighs of relief?

Over 300 of our ServiStar credit unions have revolutionized their cultures by developing member-centric teams of employees who exceed member expectations, while deepening and growing profitable relationships. 

A Member-Centric philosophy is a model where your members are offered products and services based solely on their unique financial needs. The result is more than merely a sale, but the deepening of a relationship. Employees get excited about helping members save money and make money. They start working with every member, every time, to discover their financial needs and offer personalized solutions.  

This natural bend toward creating positive outcomes for members, rather than just selling to them, results in ENGAGED employees.  These engaged employees feel they are vital to the credit union’s mission and calling. In turn, members start viewing your employees as trusted advisors which has a positive impact on your credit union’s revenue.

This is already intuitive to your highest performing employees. According to industry research, high performing employees are member-centric. They actually care about the financial needs of your members. These employees are your top sellers, but they don’t focus on achieving the credit union’s sales goals. Instead, they focus on improving the member’s financial well-being. The sales come naturally and at a very high level.

For more information on creating and maintaining a member-centric sales and service culture, download a free sample of our e-book on this topic.

“Go for it gang! You know where to find me.”

-Mike Neill

Michael Neill is the President and Founder of ServiStar, a company he started 20 years ago. When he isn’t intravenously consuming his daily Diet Coke, you can find it at a Nashville Predators hockey game with his lovely bride, Becky, screaming helpful tips at the players.