by Mike Neill

Culture Change Doesn’t Happen by Chance

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A Member Service Representative plays a quick hand of Black Jack on their phone or computer between serving each member. The credit union’s goal is to serve members within 5 minutes of signing in for service. Even if she is available to serve the member, she still makes them wait the full 5 minutes, because the “wait time” is not done. Before long, other Member Reps are following suit. “If she can take little breaks all day, so can I!” Your credit union’s service culture just accidentally changed, but in the wrong direction.

Change can happen quickly, but unlike other cultural changes, your sales and service culture won’t change, in a positive direction, by accident. It must be structured, intentional and drive every action and decision. Here are 8 steps needed to have a thriving sales and service culture at your credit union.

  1. Develop and communicate a sales and service culture vision.
  2. Develop sales and service coaches who can help employees reach their full potentials.
  3. Hire employees who have the ability to provide outstanding service and perform relationship selling.
  4. Train employees on how to provide superior service, identify a member’s need, and understand what product or service will fulfill that need.
  5. Set service and sales goals.
  6. Track performance.
  7. Develop and provide incentives for those who exceed the standard performance.
  8. Establish minimum expectations for sales and service performance and implement accountability for failure to perform.

So, don’t let the thought of culture change overwhelm you. Develop a structured, intentional plan and as you implement it, you will see how quickly you can transform your sales and service culture.  We’ve helped hundreds of credit unions to make this change successfully, over the past 21 years! We’d love to help you and your credit union too! For more information on creating and maintaining a sales and service culture, download a free sample of our e-book on this topic. 

“Go for it gang! You know where to find me.”

-Mike Neill

Michael Neill is the President and Founder of ServiStar, a company he started 20 years ago. When he isn’t intravenously consuming his daily Diet Coke, you can find it at a Nashville Predators hockey game with his lovely bride, Becky, screaming helpful tips at the players.