by Mike Neill

Connecting Member Experience and Employee Engagement

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Your members are never going to love your credit union until your employees love it first.

This is the truth, people. Read that again and let it sink in. 

Organizations spend so much time and money on things they think impact member experience. They try to increase their number of locations, improve their technologies, develop their employee’s sales skills, and spruce up their marketing materials. But, if employees are not engaged in the work they’re assigned to do, member experience will always be lacking.

Member experience intersects a credit union with its core purpose. No matter what their individual mission statements are, credit unions exist to improve the financial well-being of their members. However, most credit unions function more like efficient money warehouses without understanding the three levels of the member experience hierarchy:

  • Lowest level – Did we meet your needs?
  • Intermediate level – How easy did we make it to do business with us?
  • Highest level – Did we make it enjoyable to do business with us?

Credit unions are great at “member service,” or meeting our members’ needs, which is the most basic level of the experience. Many credit unions are just now thinking about the ease of doing business with them, but this is only beginning to touch on creating a positive member experience. The highest level of the member experience is “You made that enjoyable for me. You impressed me!”

This type of outstanding member experience can’t happen without engaged employees. Only engaged employees will care about creating a “WOW” experience for your members.

Employee engagement is the intellectual and emotional commitment to work. It produces behaviors that allow the credit union to fulfill its mission and promise to its members. Engaged employees go out of their way to solve problems for members. They are flexible and choose people over process. They say, “This is something I need to be doing because it makes a positive difference for our members.”

You don’t have to figure out how to do this on your own. Through our Member Experience Program, we will show you how to connect employees with their work in a way that authentically engages them. When you are ready to get started, complete this brief survey to help us gather some initial information, then we will be in touch.

Dig deeper into this critical connection between member experience and employee engagement by listening to Season 2, Episode 1 of The Credit Union Leadership Podcast.

“Go for it gang! You know where to find me.”

– Mike Neill

Michael Neill is the President and Founder of ServiStar, a company he started 20 years ago. When he isn’t intravenously consuming his daily Diet Coke, you can find it at a Nashville Predators hockey game with his lovely bride, Becky, screaming helpful tips at the players.