We’ve got big news!

We’re celebrating our 20th Anniversary in business with a new name:

Michael Neill and Associates

is NOW 

Twenty years is a long time for a business committed to serving only credit unions to not only survive but to flourish and grow as we have. How’d that happen? We’re glad you asked. We have a great story! 

A younger Mike Neill

A younger Mike Neill

ServiStar Consulting (which up until just recently was known as Michael Neill and Associates (MNA) started in 1998, from an idea that a much younger Mike Neill, a credit union executive at The Southern FCU, developed after being asked to speak to other credit unions about sales and service development. Mike wasn’t your average executive, though. Under his watch, his credit union became the 2nd highest ranked credit union in the nation in product penetration. While his credit union’s sales were thriving, Mike was spending all his weekends and vacations speaking at other credit unions.

In 1998, he decided to strike out on his own and founded Michael Neill and Associates (MNA).  When Mike first started MNA, he had only 6 months’ worth of speaking engagements lined up and a small monthly contract with The Georgia Credit Union Foundation. Mike’s first sales and service client was Summit FCU in Rochester, New York, followed by Hughes CU in Tucson, Arizona. (Watch a special anniversary message from Summit FCU) With early partners such as CUES and Filene Institute, coupled with credit unions sharing the secret to their success with their peers, MNA quickly became the preferred sales and service consultant in the credit union industry.

In April 2018, MNA celebrated 20 years of transforming credit unions. It’s what we’re passionate about. We know that a credit union with a member-centric culture, properly trained managers, and highly engaged employees will create engaged members that will transform your credit union’s bottom-line. 

For the past two decades, MNA has worked exclusively with credit unions. The reason is simple, according to Mike.

"Credit unions are a joy to work with. Credit union employees are gracious, energized, on-mission to improve their members' lives and they have a great moral compass. Credit unions understand the importance of a member-centric philosophy and approach to member experience."

Remember when we told you that Mike got his start working in a credit union? Well, that’s just one of the differences you’ll see – our founder and all our consultants are successful credit union insiders. We understand your credit union’s mission, we speak your language and we know your members. We see the common challenges. We understand the best practices in coaching, training, and hiring, and can help you implement them. Bottom-line…we’ve walked in your shoes. And we know how to walk with you to where your credit union wants to be.

So, why the name change? We’ve changed the name to reflect the future.  ServiStar Consulting continues to grow and expand!  Two of our long-time associates have been promoted into increased positions of responsibility – Jen Kuhn has been promoted to CEO and Michelle Harrison to COO. Jen and Michelle have been integral to the success of the organization and they have been given additional strategic responsibility to join with Mike, who continues to serve as President/Founder. They are helping to develop new and even more amazing ways to help credit unions thrive and live out their core member-centric purpose. The addition of Carla De Baldo to our team as a Performance Coach and VP of New Markets was a major coup for ServiStar Consulting, as she brings more than 38 years of leadership experience in the financial industry (more than 10 with credit unions).  

A wiser Mike Neill

A wiser Mike Neill

When asked how much longer he plans to work, the response was classic Mike Neill.

"I'm going to continue to work until I'm dead! I love what I do! I'm better at it than I've ever been," he said. "I know more. I have desire and energy to spare. Plus, I have no hobbies! I don't hunt, fish, golf or collect anything! I hate gardening and camping because there's no air conditioning! My passion, my hobby and my work are all the same: helping credit unions and their leaders be great!"

The passion and vision Mike Neill had 20 years ago when starting Michael Neill and Associates has only deepened, strengthened, and grown. We can’t wait to see what the next 20 have in store for ServiStar Consulting!